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What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release or also known as MRF is a highly effective interactive, manual therapeutic technique that works with the client's body (think physical therapy, or structural bodywork based on osteopathy, not massage) that uses no lotions or creams. It works with the body as a whole to allow the fascia system to return to its correct position, length and function, connecting deeply with your connective tissue (fascia) using a variety of techniques such as stretching, deep mobilization, trigger point, breath work, sports/fitness fusion, Reiki, traction, compression, oscillation and reflexology. The massage therapist acts as a facilitator/bridge, working with the client in their journey of health and well-being. As your body experiences trauma, repetitive stress injury, poor posture, scar tissue, inflammatory reactions and life stressors, restrictions in one area of the body can affect the WHOLE BODY. These restrictions create pain and stiffness making it difficult for you to move and prohibiting you from doing those things you love to do.

What to wear - Please bring loose/stretchy shorts for your session. For women, please bring a sports bra or loose tank top to change into for your session. Please come to your session showered and do not wear body lotion before your session.

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